Guide for Operator Card and Boat Inspection

Attention to Overseas Teams

Attention to Overseas Teams

 License, inspection and registration are required for the support boats/drivers in Japan.

However, overseas teams may be exempted from such requirements during the limited period and navigation area.

For application, CHECK HERE.

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A message from JSAF

Your Support is Needed for the Future of Sailing in Japan


Tokyo 2020 Preparation Committee

Hirobumi Kawano, President

Japan Sailing Federation (PIIF)


August, 2016


     I am excited to announce that we have been getting more and more things to do since each of the organizing committees launched fully into preparations toward Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As we all know, we are also hosting the sailing events in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, prior to that, we will be also hosting many international races in Japan. It would be a good chance to present Japan to the world; also a number of volunteers involved will be able to get experience there.


It goes without saying that we will host the 2020 Games successfully, but we also need to leave the positive legacies in terms of both facilities and human resources for the future after the Games. Especially, training the Race Officers, Judges, and Measurers to be world-class through the numerous international races will be exactly what we need to do to leave the positive human legacies to the Japanese sailing world.


     For the next 4 years, with the support of World Sailing and the organizing committees, JSAF Tokyo 2020 Preparation Committee will be working on various projects, from recruiting the members to training them.


This training, including sending the trainees overseas, will incur certain costs. We would really appreciate it if we could get your support to contribute to paying for these costs, as a future investment from the JSAF members.

                                           Japan Sailing Federation              
                                           Hirobumi Kawano, President

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2020 Pre Competition Camping Guide in Kanagawa Prefecture

Contact: Kanagawa Prefecture Olympic and Paralympic Games Division,Sports Bureau